Anson Dorrance - conversation about peformance intelligence on what sets his program at UNC apart is about the program structure, designed around players' desires for a program with no rules, full of competition and at the core of his program, building character.  Breaking teams into subgroups of societies focused on character. Anson recommends reading Brett Ledbetter's book, "What Drives Winning" and Angela Dukworth's Grit Scale.  On recruiting athletes, he mentions that talent dilutes coaches as it is exciting and addicting as sugar, but character is the key - principle centered behavior based on 12 core values.  https://soundcloud.com/user-689456499/anson-dorrance-unc-womens-head-coach-one-of-most-successful-coaching-records-in-history

Tracy [Ducar] Noonan - conversation about performance intelligence challenges of women's soccer from youth to pro including experiences at UNC and US Women's National team.  https://soundcloud.com/user-689456499/t-noonan-10-17-17