Imagery Guides

Athletes Four-Phase Visualization (short version)10 minute version of the Four-Phase Visualization for a quick warm-up, realignment, or start to imagery practice.  The four phases - comfortable success, adversity to success, catastrophe to succss, and wild creative success.

Meditation (short version)  - Meditation helps with focus, stress, and decision making.

Four-Phase Visualization (short version) practice moving from comfortable level of performance, through adversity, the bottom falling out and then to wildly exciting success.

Four-Phase Visualization Maximize your performance by leveraging visualization and focused meditation.  Mediation for improved stress relief, focus and decision making.  Visualization for improved performance in four phase - normal, adversity, bottom falls out, and creativity. 

Clean up Mental Clutter How much mental clutter are you carrying around without any attention to it? Use this meditation to clear out old agreements, expecations, commitments that no longer support and empower your life.