DELIBERATE-PERFORMANCE coaching blends a client’s goals and individual needs with key factors that add up to success in any field. Whether I’m coaching other coaches, business leaders, elite athletes, university athletes or colleagues, these five principlesmaximizing full potential, responsibility, creativity, professionalism and preparationhelp me differentiate coaching to meet the needs of each individual in the high-stakes game of pursuing a meaningful life. Often the process improvement of a person's development is derailed by focusing on the outcomes, or the goals. We solve this disconnect, keeping goals and outcomes as a feedback mechanism, empowering, not disempowering, the overall intention.

Reflecting on your own cognition, feelings and spirit is challenging. Being aware and intentional about your own cognitive and intuitive processes, most of us can’t manage thinking like that on our own and benefit from a coach and unbiased listener. Living a life inspired by your intentions is our objective.

Athlete and executive life coaching is rooted in the notion that individual development is a process, and that individuals need guidance and practice to make progress toward their goals, which spill over and intertwine with personal and professional intentions. This ongoing, iterative process—of seeking outside perspective to help connect and develop our character values, our areas of action, our goals and skills, and our well-being and our capacity for growth all aligned with our life intentions—is why coaching is a useful approach to help individuals connect the dots, lines and gaps (including blind spots) in their spiritual, emotional and cognitive path.

We have perfected guides and processes useful for this worthy endeavor.

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; 
mastering yourself is true power.”  L. Tzu