Private Coaching

If you’d like to hear more about how we can work together over Skype, Facetime, classic land line, or even in person in San Francisco, drop me a line 


Phillip Billeci-Gard, Assoc. Director of Athletics, Dominican University

"Fred has been working with our athletic leadership team as well as some of our specific athletic programs. He and I share the belief that to know and understand others is very important, but knowing oneself is enlightenment and access to peak performance. He has helped our coaches and leaders better understand themselves, improve transparency in our group, and help provide some of the missing pieces to the puzzle regarding our human dynamics. He’s been the athletic departments performance intelligence coach. The staff, coaches and players have had positive results from working with Fred. The Type-Coach on-line website tool has also been extremely helpful with 24/7 access, videos and advise. I look forward to continuing our work together. I highly recommend Fred's work with athletic directors, staff, coaches, student-athletes, and tutors."